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Drupal integration

SPNet can be integrated with the open source Drupal content management system.

This provides a wide range of benefits including:

Versatile page design

Web sites are quick to set up by starting with one of the many freely available Drupal themes. The theme can then be adapted as required.

The design can also easily be adapted from a professional mock-up or from an existing web site.

The layout of the site's pages, menus and blocks of content can be easily changed.

Additional Features

There are numerous Drupal modules that can be incorporated into the web site to provide additional features. These include image galleries, slide shows, forums, newsletters etc.

Content Management

With Drupal you can edit content yourself without needing to know the technicalities of HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Drupal is designed with SEO in mind. It also has a number of modules that add features that work towards inproving your placement in search results.

To see SPNet and Drupal in action try the demo, and look at our reference sites.